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(Published in Filmfare Feb17, 2010, "PASAND APNI APNI"- page138, 140.) Review of Hindi movie "3 IDIOTS"
As the movie opens, I settle myself to observe the book unfold on screen – as Rancho ( Aamir), Farhan Qureshi (Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) form the adorable threesome after the ragging scene. But pretty soon I sit up exclaiming, “Ainh! This is different! . Thank god for that! All deviations from the original are interesting and hilarious and help to lift the movie much above the book. Yes, the film is just ‘loosely based’ on Chetan Bhagat’s book as mentioned at the end credits. That’s why he wasn’t acknowledged at the titles perhaps.
The movie is a laugh riot from the start. Ranchandas Shyamaldas Chanchad to Fungshuk Wangudu to ViruS….buddhe…to witty repartees to shenanigans! Each character has been well-etched. ‘Muchhad’ Virus (Boman) with his sleazy lisp, sloppy gait, high-on-the-waist-pants, and ghosla hair is a cute caricature. His penchant for multitasking is brought forth in a couple of hilarious shots – the funniest being the 7 ½ minute music-power-nap-shave session. His unbending sternness leads to 2 ½ suicides! And he plays the Tom-and-Jerry game with our winsome trio
The campus scenes and Rancho’s scientific and cunning pranks regale us. But what sends the audience rolling down the aisle is Chatur’s speech - sabotaged by you-know-who – by replacing just two words. Kudos to the dialogue writers Hirani and Joshi for the crisp dialogues which invoke spontaneous ripples of laughter. Omi (Chatur) lives his character. So too Sharman. Funny boys Aamir and Madhavan have a bubbly effervescence throughout. Did someone say Aamir looks old? His mannerisms more than compensate for his age. And oh yes, the leading lady Kareena is as spirited as the boys. Stern Dean Boman has added another feather to his already multi-feathered cap.
Sizzling cinematography – specially the Kulu-Manali & Ladakh scenes. Hummable music. The first half is taut and racy, can’t say the same about the second. Last time Hirani advocated Gandhigiri; this time the mantra is “All is well”. And it is.
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