Thursday, January 5, 2012


What should we do with her? She is such a cutie - the very thought of parting with her is heart-wrenching. She’s so irresistible, so adorable! She’s petite – you might choose to call ‘her teeny weeny’ - as compared to the bigger or giant ones of her ilk. When we look at her we reassert ‘small is beautiful’ – for one thing she’s so convenient to handle – I mean in so many respects! 

When we brought her home more than 11 years ago she was the apple of the eye of the neighborhood – not a common ‘species’ – not yet - in the area – with her unique attractive color. Every passerby would turn around to give her a second look. But there were a couple of big little bullies around who tried to be rough with her a couple of times, permanently scarring her with a scratch or two.

We would take her out on drives in and around the city but never ventured to take her outstation. She would have behaved well, no doubt, but we were not very confident. During her 11 years with us, she was low on maintenance - she has needed expert attention only on an odd occasion. Once she broke down suddenly without apparent reason and we had to urgently get help before we could take her home.

In fact when we had to go abroad for 4-6 months, we’d feel bad leaving her behind – what else could we do – we couldn’t possibly tag her along. The first time we left her under the care of a good friend. But with our ‘outings’ getting more frequent, we didn’t want to impose her on others. So we opted to leave her under the supervision of our security guard and maidservant. On one of our returns, we found she had been teased by the mischievous little brats around and was not in a position to move! We got her treated immediately and she was on the road once again! 

We returned last month after a six months’ stint in the US. We expected her to be out of shape in our long absence – after all, who except us would treat her as their own? But she had sustained herself so well that she was up and about and driving us crazy.

We have no complaints about her at all – she’s oh so loyal and lovable – just one of her kind. But yes, it is time that we find her a new home – despite our great attachment for her. And we do hope she gets an even better owner than us! We are going for a new car, you see and we really can’t keep our good old Maruti! Good bye dear, sorry and God bless!
© Copyright 2011. Brinda Balasubramonian.

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