Friday, December 16, 2011

The Dirty Picture - again

‘The Dirty Picture’ is not (so) dirty despite its title! 

Thank Director Milan Luthria and leading lady Vidya Balan for that! Director Milan Luthria exudes class in piecing up catchy, racy, sensuous and mind-blowing scenes – so the movie doesn’t end up being crass. The story is nothing new but the treatment is! Vidya manages to ooze sexuality and oomph without being vulgar! Her confident, convincing, unapologetic and ‘bindaas’ portrayal of the sensuous and sexy Silk and the dhamakedar dialogue delivery contribute to her stellar performance – she’ll top the charts on all awards lists! She begins with her naughty ‘ah, hm, ah ..’ background score to the couple behind the curtain, then progresses to sexy gyrations in her first film shot and bolder moves on and off screen to climb the ladder of success! 

The dialogues are superlative – sharpen your ears or else you will miss the tangy, raunchy ‘pataaka’ of repartees. When her first director gives her the name ‘Silk’, she acknowledges her ‘creator’ by christening him ‘Keeda’Das. Silk claims with élan that she is used as a boarding pass for a movie’s ‘take-off! She has no qualms calling herself a ‘marinated murgi’. Doesn’t she tug at our hearts when she says “touch toh bahuto ne kiya par chua kisi ne nahi”? There is so much horse power in her lines!
Though the story line is thin, the scenes are so well conceived that they explode in quick succession like serial bomb blasts knocking off the audience! The steamy filmy ‘Silk’ scenes and (s)explosive dialogues – to the accompaniment of ‘adradra naakkumukke’ elicit ‘seetis’ and ‘taalis’. May be a few ‘gaalis’ from some prudes – may be? Cinematography is sensuous (the camera makes love to the sexy Vidya with aplomb – especially in the faked orgasm scene) and visually breathtaking (Vidya-Emraan song). The hilarious ‘ooh la la’ which is a take-off on ‘Himmatwala’ / ‘Tohfa’ dances is racing to the top of the charts. As film buffs are indulging in speculations about the real-life persons superbly portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi and Tusshaar Kapoor, the producers and director of this movie are deservedly enjoying its success at the box office. 

Full marks for this clean dirty picture which is definitely a crowd-puller!

© Copyright 2011. Brinda Balasubramonian.

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