Friday, December 16, 2011


‘The Dirty Picture’ has the three ingredients defined by the protagonist for a film’s success – entertainment3. Three cheers! 

The first thumbs-up is for Vidya Balan who wows the audience with her uninhibited, stellar performance and is all set for a clean sweep at all the awards this year. She exudes confidence along with unapologetic, stylishly-classy-sexuality as she convincingly portrays the various shades of the bold and brazen country belle with no claims to sophistication. And if we still love the character, it’s because of Vidya’s adaas, and firecracker dialogue delivery! Starting as an ‘extra’, she manages to gain a foothold as a steamy vamp after she ‘tunes’ the aging (?) super hero Surya (Naseeruddin Shah). She even throws the gauntlet at him as she sees the crowds thronging the theatres only for her sleazy dances and realizes that she’s stolen the thunder from the superstar. She becomes unstoppable and ambitious. Before he dumps her, she latches herself on to his younger brother Ramakant (Tusshar Kapoor), takes ‘panga’ with film critic and columnist Nyla (Anju Mahendru) and finds ecstasy in bagging a double whammy as she spoils Nyla’s party just as Surya lands up - with her outrageous ‘come-hither’ gyrations to the thronging crowd on the street. Her saucy speech at the awards function smacks of arrogance and comes as a tight slap on the faces of the self-righteous audience attending the function. Thereafter it is downhill for Silk – but she refuses to be cowed down. Ironically it is Abraham (Emraan Hashmi) - who had cold shouldered her all along - who offers his shoulder for support when she is deserted by the coterie! The firebrand Silk who has been riding the crest refuses to change with the times – she prides on the fact, “main Silk hu, koi film nahin ki interval ke baad badal jaaoon”. The inevitable happens.

The second applause is for the witty, taut, raunchy dialogues – don’t miss the spicy and saucy volley of repartees! Surya calls her ‘raaton ki raaz ho jo din mein koi nahi kholta’. She mischievously teases Ramakant when he wants her to be prim-n-proper in front of ‘appa’ – “Appa ki umra kya hogi? Vaise mein tumhare family ke mardon ke saath ‘hit’ hoon”. When Abraham tells her she’ll burn in hell, she outwits him by saying, “tu use bonfire samjh ke haath sek lena”. We agree with Tusshaar when he tells her, “Battery nahin, transformer ho”!

The third kudos is for Director Milan Luthria for projecting sexy Vidya Balan with élan and not showcasing her as a mere voluptuous sex bomb. The director makes up for the thin story line by piling up mind-boggling scenes like building blocks to project the visual treat! The screenplay is simply superb! In this heroine-centred film it is Vidya all the way; Tusshaar, Emraan, even Naseeruddin Shah are all props – of course effective in their roles. Cinematography deserves special mention – the Vidya – Emraan song tends to retard the film’s pace but the breath-taking visuals more than compensate. ‘Ooh la la’ song is a riot – a parody of producer Ekta Kapoor’s Dad’s (Jeetendra) dance songs – complete with colour powders and pots and buxom belles! The makers of this movie have struck gold – very deservedly!

Are some seniors shying away from the movie? No need - in spite of its title, it is far from dirty!

© Copyright 2011. Brinda Balasubramonian.

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