Monday, April 11, 2016


25 Feb Elephant Beach, Singing Competition ....

We continued with our routine of waking up around 5.30, enjoying coffee prepared in our cottage followed by a walk. 

We decided to enjoy the sunrise at the resort's pristine beach. But what met us at the beach was a horrible sight! 
The beauty of the beach was lost due to the low tide which exposed giant rocks and mud lumps along the beach. Disappointed, we decided to come back later in the day when it would be reverted to its beauty.

As we were returning to our cottage, we enjoyed the trees and foliage all along.

Returning to our cottage, I called up room service for two buckets of hot water. (The point I want to make is the place is a small place and might appear medieval but that is precisely the charm of the place.) It arrived in half an hour - and I had the luxury of having both the buckets 'half-filled-with-hot-water' as my husband prefers a nice cold bath. 

We reached the restaurant at 8 for breakfast - there was a hearty spread to cater to all palates - from cereals / toast to veg burger to idli-vada with chutney and sambar to chana bhatura with fruits, juice and coffee and tea.

Today we were to visit Elephant Beach - with mild water-sports activities. So we were asked to pack an extra pair of clothes and a couple of our snack packets as we'd be back for a late lunch. Not to forget a bottle of water.

We left the resort by bus and after the ten minute ride, reached the jetty at 10. 

Our boat was to leave at 11.30, so we settled ourselves on the sands of the beach under shady trees. First Kaustubh conducted a couple of games for all of us - it was fun as everyone including the 80 plus lady participated enthusiastically. Interestingly both of us ended up winning in different games. 

After this my husband regaled the audience with anecdotes and then .....

I conducted an informal Quiz session - the brain teasers were such a hit that friends craved for more!

Our group boarded the speed boats in groups of 4-6 as per their capacity. Our boat was 'Krishna' - a five seater. The enjoyable 15 minute speed boat ride to Elephant Beach was bumpy at times.

The beach was yet another small beach, neatly maintained as usual. There were a couple of fruit vendors right there.

We undertook the glass-bottom boat ride for 15 minutes for Rs. 300 per person. Being our first time experience, we went ga ga over the corals / fishes we saw underwater as the boat took us around.

After this we were treated to delicious fresh fruit platter from the vendors.

15-minute snorkeling experience was offered free on this beach by our speed boat owners. 

My husband tried it out, pretty successfully. I abandoned the idea at the last minute. As my husband joked, I had trumpeted to my children about snorkeling included in our tour and it would be a shame if neither undertook it; he had managed to save my face!

We returned by the same boat to Havelock, and returned to our resort.

We were famished, so little wonder that we stuffed ourselves full at lunch. And we needed a siesta. 

After coffee and a little practice, we were ready for the get-together at the resort's hall for the informal 'Singing Competition' at 5.30. 

The hall was above the Reception area. What I noticed was these resorts used locally available materials for that earthy look and cool effects as well as to economize. You look around and you will notice that the walls and roofs and aesthetic decorations are of wood / bamboo / coconut leaves - bringing an old world charm to the place ......
Also the employees were mostly Bengalis ...

After a cup of tea, the program started .....

Nine of the guests including both of us participated enthusiastically. 
After this there were complimentary songs / presentations by everyone. After the two-hour program, all of us decided to check out the beach ...... 
... the sky was dark but beautiful as the orange moon played hide and seek with the clouds.

We returned for dinner at the restaurant and then retired to bed after watching TV for some time.

The next day we were returning to Port Blair via Neil Island.

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